Minimize costs & maximize value with the first automated cost, performance, and security optimizer for the Snowflake® data cloud


Snoptimizer cost optimization evaluates ongoing queries and settings relating to warehouses and resource monitors. It can immediately fix account setup specifications to improve cost savings.

Sample Snoptimizer cost setting checks:

  • Query consumption
  • Storage consumption
  • Automatic clustering
  • Materialized views
  • Search optimization
  • Pipes
  • Cloud services
  • Replication

Snoptimizer provides significant cost savings

Sample savings chart
Sample of savings
On average, we can save companies
on Snowflake® Compute
Sample of Security in Snoptomizer software

Catch security issues and misconfigurations and protect your Snowflake® investment.


Snoptimizer security optimization routinely checks for security issues that put your Snowflake® account and data at risk.

  • All Snowflake® objects
  • Users / Roles
  • Network policies
    And more (over 30 other tests)

We run a 38 point checklist of tests to make sure you’re protecting your Snowflake® investment.

Clipboard icon with security report


Snoptimizer performance optimization makes queries faster. We scrutinize your logs to look for ways to provide additional cost-saving changes 24-7.

  • optimize spend
  • automate drudgery
  • scrutinize query profiles
  • scrutinize query history
  • receive email notifications
  • customized performance optimizations
    • search optimization
    • auto-clustering
    • materialized views
Sample of performance in Snoptomizer software
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