Optimize your Snowflake® data cloud experience

Save 10-15% on your consumption costs*

Start controlling costs in minutes

Immediate access to optimization scripts

Continuous security and performance optimization

Get started today!


  • Checks resource monitors
  • Checks warehouses costs
  • Checks cloud services costs
  • Checks storage costs
  • Checks other areas related to costs issues and savings
  • Security audit checks on account
  • Performance audit
$ 1000 per month


  • Everything in Standard +
  • Detailed security audit
  • Detailed performance optimization
  • Access to Data Shares on marketplace
  • Alerts to major issues
$ 3000 per month

Business Critical

  • Everything in Standard & Enterprise +
  • Automated cost savings
  • Automated security fixes
  • Automated performance optimizations
$ 6000 per month
Business Critical

Optimize Your Snowflake

Perform Optimizations for your Snowflake Account Costs, Performance, and Security.
Standard Snowflake Accounts

Starting at $1000 USD/ Month
Enterprise Snowflake Accounts

Starting at $3,000 USD/ Month
Business Critical Snowflake Accounts

Starting at $6,000 USD/ Month
Checks Resource Monitors
Checks Warehouses Costs
Checks Cloud Services Costs
Checks Storage Costs
Checks Other Areas Related To Costs Issues & Savings
Security Audit Checks on Account (Failed Logins, Stale Objects, etc.)
Performance Audit. (Analyzes Query, Warehouse, Clustering, View, etc. Performance
Detailed Security Audit
Detailed Performance Optimization
Access to Data Shares on Marketplace
Alerts to Major Issues
Automated Costs Savings
Automated Security Fixes
Automated Performance Optimizations
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